Hashim Lafond

Hashim Lafond Yellow Background by Erik Umphery
Hashim Lafond Painting Black and White with Zara striped pants, leather jacket and white sneakers.


HASHIM LAFOND was born to parents Lionel Lafond (Port-Au-Prince, Haiti) and Pearl Graham (Walterboro, South Carolina) on April 17th, 1988 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Lafond studied Visual Arts at the Boston Arts and Communications at Emerson College.

HASHIM LAFOND became the host of Radio Disney Boston. Soon after, he was promoted to Entertainment Host for the Disney Cruise Lines.

Lafond has murals from Boston, Massachusetts all the way to Los Angeles, California. Notable works include The Michael Jordan Mural and the Lebron James Mural featured on NIKE and ESPN.

Hashim Lafond has collaborations with Ed. Weinberger (the Cosby Show), J Anthony Brown (the Steve Harvey Show) and Devon Shepard (the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air).

Hashim Lafond is a brand that continues to push innovation forward in Street Art, Fashion and Film. Co-create with Hashim Lafond by contacting hashim@hashimlafond.com